Friday, September 7, 2012

"It's a small world"


we all know the song, the ride and the repetitiveness of this.... unique.... creation of music, but I happen to use the word a lot, why? because it's SO true.In this tiny world, we can find ourselves all connected through the grapevine in sometimes crazy cool situations, and sometimes really crazy "did this really just happen" situations.

here let me explain:

after receiving our awesome-super cool-fantastic-amazing-o.m.g. blue main gate cards to get into the parks, what do we do? we go to sleep, (YEA RIGHT) nooooo, we fly to the parks to hangout and celebrate our official cast member step to the Disney College Program in the parks! 

after making our way to Epcot, and Magic Kingdom for the night we found our selves getting extremely tired, sweaty, hungry, and did I mention sweaty? we NOW wait for the next and final destination bus towards home from downtown Disney...

while waiting, we saw birthday children walking by, guests, and cast members leaving for home.... and that's when it happened.... a tall manager walking by with a blue dress shirt, very professional and a football build walked up to our bus stop and I just about cried

Me- "NO WAY"
Manager- "Ethan!?" 
Me- *running towards him and jumping on him with the biggest bear hug ever*
Nick-"*very professional* I missed you too Ethan!!"

Long story short, I found my old roommate from first program, Nick Downey. It's been 2 YEARS since I last saw him and what's he up to now? running a section of Downtown Disney since he graduated from school on a professional internship! 

not only do I have to congratulate this awesome guy, but what were the chances of me stumbling on my old roommate who was the "dad" of our apartment my first time around?? 

But it doesn't end there, within the first couple days of photo/park adventures, I found my self being followed by a green army man who knew me and Flynn Ryder personally and lastly I was able to give Marry Poppins a hug after not seeing her for a whole year! 

weirdest part about all of this? NONE of it was planned... I just stumbled upon all of them, and you know something? 

"It's a small world" & I'm definitely okay with this! ;)

Here's a few from the shenanigans of my Disney College Program thus far!! 

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