Thursday, September 13, 2012

Goofy & "Honest" John Worthington Foulfellow

Behind all the fun and games of park hopping and photo adventures is work, but before I can fully work all the time for the Walt Disney Company, I had to get trained in Entertainment. 

The training process was 4 days of rules, policies, procedures, secrets, pixie dust, and magic with the help from my amazing trainers. I met some of the most energetic and"goofiest" cast members who assisted me in learning the whole process of becoming an entertainer for children of all ages, and let me tell you something! 

I'm in love. 

I love the idea of making anyone laugh, smile, feel loved and adored in doing little things like recognizing a birthday, anniversary, or first visit to the parks to make that one person feel special in they're own way. 

After getting the opportunity to personally meet one of the legends to the Disney Company I am proud to say that I am now friends with one of the coolest and "goofiest" cast members of them all! 


Goofy was able to show me the secrets to making children laugh, from telling stories and jokes to just allowing yourself to be yourself and have fun while showing everyone around you a good time and I am SO grateful that the Goof himself taught me so much during a few days of training! Hoping he doesn't forget about me as he is SO busy, I think I'll be working with him a lot during this College Program. 

Following my days of training with my goofball for a friend, I had to switch gears a tad bit in meeting someone else throughout my training. As sly, mischievous, and cunning as he may be, I put my guard up and I saw him for what he was. A fox, but not just any fox, this trickster of a fox was none other than 

"Honest" John Worthington Foulfellow  

A devious fox that has a way with words and gestures in his "smooth" walking/welcoming self. 

Mr. Foulfellow is notorious for luring Pinocchio to Pleasure Island, where no rules exist and little boys are transformed into Donkeys to be sold to the highest bidder! But when meeting "Honest" John you can see that he is not as smooth as one may think. If it wasn't for the help character attendants and the parents watching over they're kids Foulfellow would have a field day, but in any case "Honest" John is as gentle as a mouse only in the parks to gain the approval of the masses because you NEVER know when he may be up to some no good ;-)

and on that note, here's some pics from "work" and the continued life of a CP  ;-)

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