Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tune ups, refunds and not getting ripped off

So a couple days ago I came to the Conclusion I needed new tires BAD. Whether I was driving 2mph or 60mph, my steering wheel was shaking like a bobble dancing hawaiian girl for your dashboard.

After doing a little research, my Dad and I concluded that Walmart was our best bet only costing roughly 60$ a tire. After I got the Tires fixed I was suppose to go to Pep Boys for a oil change and wheel alignment and that was it....... until

"Mr. Rivera would you come with me please"....and thats when the.... you know, hit the fan.

Apparently one of the mechanics had broken a stud off of one of my tires and had the Mechanic removed anymore, my car would essentially been declared disabled. So they told me I would be rein-versed for the stud and nut that they broke (which is what I expected) but they refused to pay for the labor that was needed for replacing it which was almost 3 times the amount of the broken stud and nut.

Extremely mad I go to Pep boys the next day and wait three hours to get the stud replaced on the one tire and the Bill ends up costing 83$ (15$ for the stud and nut alone, the rest being labor). I go back to Walmart to get the last tire put on and miraculously the shaking on my steering wheel is gone :] thank God it was only the tires that was wrong and nothing else.

so a little happier I head back to Pep Boys to get a oil change and Computer Wheel alignment which looked like they were turning my car into a transformer with these square looking reflectors on my tires and red dots spinning all over my car.

While My car was finally being worked on for the last time I'm sitting around thinking.... I began thinking of how I felt that I was ripped off by Walmart because ultimately it was their mechanics that broke something on my car.

 Now I'm not one to complain unless I REALLY have to and this was one of those cases where I felt the need to because I am a poor college student trying to make a living while getting an education.

So after my car was good to go I head back to Walmart and request to speak to someone in charge at the front of Walmart. They send me to the back to speak to the a guy in charge of the area and I explain to him the situation and he says that the best he can do for me is re-inverse me half.

Now when I get started with something I do not back down until my point is put across. So I tell him that I'll accept the half refund and in turn I wanted a number to someone higher up to speak to.... he said he'll get in contact with the assistant manager of Waltmart.

After he disappears for 15min he comes back by himself and informs me that he'll refund me the full amount.

Life Lesson Learned: Don't get taken advantage of and let your voice be heard.

Happy saturday everyone! :]

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