Monday, July 11, 2011

The end of a journey; the start of a new life (part 1)

On Sunday July 3rd 2011 I left the State of IL. The state where I first learned how to walk, ride a bike, join my high school cross country team, attend my first year of college and spend majority of my life.

I left to continue my education, I left to try something new, I left because life moves too fast and if you don’t keep up you’ll be left behind… and this is my journey:

After listening to 6+ hours of music and passing miles of Fireworks ads I made it to my first stop in Lexington, KY where I met with two of my friends, Elchanan and Emily to spend the fourth of July with, and although high expectations weren’t met with the firework shows due to Disney cursing me for high standards, I still had so much fun seeing people that I knew from my college program and how they haven’t changed one bit from there southern accents to their goofy selves…. also trying Fazolis and Orange leaf frozen yogurt for the first time was definitely a plus in my book :]

From Lexington, KY home of the Wildcats I reached my second stop in Athens, GA home of the Bull Dogs and my friend Brittany :] From the University of Georgia’s photo adventure to being introduced to the extremely flammable drink known as Hunch Punch, Brittany sure knows how to have a good time and being lucky enough to have her as my friend rather than her bullying from her accused bullying days is always great too! And even though she didn’t listen to me about her recent camera purchase, I still forgive her because she did in fact make me a cake ;)

From Athens to Tifton I trucked my way to through the state of GA to arrive at my next destination where the kid from Chicago meets with the kid known as his best friend.

To be continued….

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