Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The end of a journey; the start of a new life (part 2)

Continuing the long journey, my third stop was located in Tifton, GA; a town so small if you blink on the highway you’ll pass it up! But this small town was home to not only one of my close friends but my best friend, and roommate during the college program, Michael! Now when it comes to Southern Hospitality I thought nothing of it until I got to his house where he lives with his beautiful young grandma, Billie Butler. From the great home cooked southern food she prepared, to floating down a clear fresh water river for the first time. I definitely got my taste of the southern lifestyle and although it maybe different form Chicago, I loved every minute of it…. and it’s true what they say, sweet tea is better in the south ;]

From Tifton, GA I made it into the sunshine state, home of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and the place where dreams come true! After pulling up to my new apartment and watching a large green pick up truck pull into a parking space I new who it was, coming all the way from North Carolina, one of my close friends and now roommate, Alex was there waiting for her hug and I knew right there and then I finally made it to my new home :]

 After settling in my new apartment and looking at how I finished setting up my new room, from my pirates poster, to my cross country team picture, to my new bathroom and walk in closet, I officially know what people mean when they say “it’s not the destination but the journey along the way” and if it wasn’t for all my friends I saw along the way it wouldn’t have been as much fun! Thanks everybody for all you’ve done along the way!

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