Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The legend of the phoenix

Over the last few weeks I've found myself facing many situations, adventures and dilemmas that have truly brought me to this open minded conclusion.

we all view life differently and accept certain ideas as our own from the people who surround us as well as how we grow up, to transform into the people we are today. I've accepted the idea that I view life as a movie, a series of movies that have plots, story lines, music, characters, such as the protagonists, and antagonists where the chapters of my life have pinnacles, conclusions, and resolutions.

As the years go by, the plots grow and become more detailed as characters are left in previous stories and may or may not make an reappearance in later stories, But there's one story that's lasted for almost 4 years.

My story with Disney World.

It was a journey of growing, discovering myself and maturing into something better. My hopes for Disney World began with one goal, to find out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. As the years went by, other dreams began to grow and cloud some of my vision, but after much debate the time has finally come.

My 23rd birthday was a sign for change, new beginnings and new horizons. I'm a firm believer of the legend of the phoenix, where all endings start again with new beginnings. Holding on to a past doesn't leave room for a brighter future and as my time with the Walt Disney Company has come to a close, its now the chance to allow myself to discover, learn and experience so much more.

friends and family kept reminding me that the company will always be there, but that's not what I found hard to part with. It's the co workers that turned into friends and family, its the memories that we created, and the moments we shared that I will truly miss because in this never ending story, we are all continuing our journey through life, creating our own chapters and stories to look back on.

I'm forever grateful for the amazing people I had the pleasure of stumbling upon over the last four years of my life with the Walt Disney Company both positively and negatively, because without the negative moments, we can't truly appreciate positive parts as well.

Now lets continue this journey in the real world, a bigger playground for the open minded people who share the love I have for life as much as all of you <3

this isn't goodbye, but a see ya later Disney......

and thank you for helping me mature into where I am. 
I love you all!

and as far as what I want to do for the rest of my life?

 I decided I ultimately wanna be happy. Life is about being happy.

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