Friday, May 23, 2014

5 Days till Disney World

Since graduating high school in 2009, I found myself lost, thrown out in “the real world” searching for what would make me happy. I left Illinois State after my freshman year on a mission to find out what I wanted to major in. After successfully completing 3 internships with the Walt Disney Company and traveling across the U.S and Abroad to other countries, I’ve been fortunate in becoming cultured by some of the most amazing people from all over the world. I’ve attended several colleges in the hope of finding myself.

I now have my Associates Degree and am ready to continue my life pursuing one thing: To be happy.

Don’t conform to what society has deemed “normal” for the masses. Find you’re path and create your own story. Don’t live out other people’s dreams, follow your own and remember the biggest enemy of all is yourself. Once you accept happiness within yourself….. the world becomes your playground.

Illinois State, I’m coming back for you …..and couldn’t be happier

Now in the last week since graduating I've finished paying off our room for EDC Las Vegas, paid my entire credit card bill, got an 88 on my final, booked several flights to Vegas and Florida, and now in less than 5 days I'll be on my way to Disney World one last time as a Seasonal cast member. Over the years I thought about how cool it would be to celebrate my birthday at Disney with some of my closest friends and for my farewell celebration I get that wish!!

It's been one heck of a journey, but one last adventure with the mouse is a must. It's crazy how fast time can go by and to think my first program was almost 4 years ago.... 

guess I should start packing slowly ...

Can't wait to see all of Disney Family ;)

here's a few photos from recent adventures over the last couple weeks

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