Thursday, November 13, 2014

Life is like a camera

The last three months of my life has been a roller coaster, from getting back into school full time and attempting to handle better time management, to joining Alpha Kappa Psi's Business Fraternity. The adjustment was not easy, I've had sleepless nights, one too many "quarter life crisis'", a fridge needing some food ASAP and a bag full of laundry I couldn't tell you the last time I checked.

But in retrospect, I needed those challenges to bring me where I am today. Life continually shapes us and when you become complacent with going through the motions of your everyday life, you're limiting yourself. Potential is endless and so is your knowledge and wisdom. I'm so thankful to have progressed this far over the last few months, but I'm even more thankful to have crossed paths with some of the most driven people I've had the pleasure to meet. They challenged me both academically and personally to strive for more, to not be complacent, and to hold myself more accountable for the future that I WANT.

there's no reason for you to not get involved in college, this is your time to experiment with different paths to make up your life. why?

because college has a safety net that the real world doesn't hold. "if you're gonna fail, these are the people you want to fail in front of." The ones with the highest tolerance for failure are the ones who get the farthest!

 "Life is like a camera. 
Just focus on what’s important
capture the good times
develop from the negatives
and if things don’t turn out....... take another shot"

cheers to FINALLY becoming becoming an Alpha Kappa Psi Brother. Let the next adventure begin!

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