Friday, September 19, 2014

The Lotus Flower

Life plays out like this.

you have good times, you have bad times, and you have a choice.

Perspective is reality, your perspective creates the world around you. If you perceive the world around you to be a negative place, then that's the environment you emit and flourish in.

"Self-reliance seems to come with an internal locus of control, or a deep seated sense that the individual is personally responsible for what happen in his or her life.... in contrast people with an external locus of control rely less on their own efforts, feeling buffeted by forces such as random luck and the actions of others, which they believe ultimately control their fate."

Regardless of your stance on this idea, they both present challenges in life that can be both internal, and external. We focus so heavily on these barriers that we sometimes loose sight of the silver lining, we loose sight of the lotus flower...

It is known to find lotus flowers in the darkest and murkiest of ponds. how could something so beautiful emit from something dark? the belief in this is that even in the darkest of situations there is a light.

"Just remember the greatest of challenges come right before the greatest reward. Stay positive through the process & the universe will smile back."- Mod Sun

After finally making time finish these photos that were WAY OVER DUE (I know everyone)

I was reminded of how beautiful life is, and the people who truly care for you even in the stickiest of situations. I was reminded by these photos to never loose sight of the smallest of items that can mean so much. I'm so grateful to have adopted photography as a huge part of my life and I couldn't be more excited to see all these beautiful souls again, some sooner than later. But even in the midst of the wait... everyday comes closer to when we all see each other again.

Everyday is a new beginning.  It's your job to make that choice.

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