Sunday, October 7, 2012

A pirates final tale and the GREAT Goofini!!

It's tough to be a VIP character in Disney World. People wanna meet/see you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, during castle shows, parades, meet and greets and just about anything else you can think of! 

Now when running a ship, a Captain must always make sure his ship mates are in tip top shape, from keeping the poop deck mopped and cleaned, to checking that alllllll the rum for Jack sparrow is available in plenty and you know something? it sometimes just drives you to be a "Goof" but in all respects to the crazy guy, Goofy handles himself with the pirates very well. 

But alas! all great folk stories of previous voyages must come to an end at some point or another and the time has come, for the GREAT pirate Goofy to reach his destination of new adventures on land..... but you never know where the original "Goof" may end up

Although Goofy told me his regret of having to leave his pirate stand only to question his next arrival with Jack Sparrow, he couldn't help but sneak me a quick view of his new adventures in Fantasyland ;)

But of course I had to see what life on the in between was like outside of work with my very close friends, so here's a few pictures from the latest adventures in the world of Magic: from traveling "around the world", to visiting the questionable "#1" duck and his cool pals Mickey and friends in Camp. and of course new memories of halloween in the Magic kingdom, where things are "not-so-scary"

The bittersweetness to all the happiness and memories we create during this program, I've come to find that not only must we "let the memories begin" but also appreciate when the memories come to an end and not only wish some of our fury friends a farewell, but welcome them back in new locations to continue that glorified magic we cherish so much

Thank you for all the memories, 626 Chip n- Dale, Minnie at Town square theatre, Prince Eric and Pirate Goofy, your legacy will be forever remembered, and we look forward to your ..... fresh new look  guys in the days to come ;)

So lastly, with my GREAT pleasure, on behalf of my amazing friend Goofy, we would like to welcome ALL to "Pete's Silly Side show" where "Madame Daisy Fortuna", "Minnie Magnifique", "The outstanding Donaldo", and 


It's truly a blessing for me to say that I, Ethan James Rivera, was fortunate enough to help out the Goof man himself OPEN Pete's carnival tent for the first time EVER

Do dreams come true? you tell me :) 

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